Dennis Cauchon

Late for his own funeral
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World Trade Center: What happened inside on Sept. 11, 2001

Who died, who lived, where, why

Who gets deported from Ohio?

 Hint: Think ethnicity, not national security. Immigration detainers target Hispanics 87% of time.   While President Trump’s executive order targeted immigrants from six predominantly Muslim countries, it is worthwhile to remember that  the immigration crackdown isn't...

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Can Granville be a “sanctuary city” legally?

Yes. Oh, funny story. It already is. Can Granville be a sanctuary city without breaking the law? I’ll summarize: Yes.  Granville has been a "sanctuary city" -- that is, not enforcing federal immigration laws -- since its founding in 1805. So is nearly every...

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The death of a pedestrian in Granville, Ohio

Pedestrian Cheri Mitchell, the retired director of BalletMet, was struck in a N. Pearl Street crosswalk by a teacher on her way to a 7 a.m. IEP meeting. The pain of Cheri's unnecessary death in September 2015 prompted me to start GranvilleWalks and rededicate myself...

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“Lack of talent shall not stop me!”

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